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Jason Momoa was interviewed by christopher Bagley and photographed by Carter Smith for InStyle Magazine. You can check the pictures on our gallery and read the interview below:

– Photoshoot > 2020 > Session 001

On the morning of my interview with Jason Momoa in Los Angeles, I’m jolted awake in the predawn hours by one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the city in years. Later in the day a nasty brush fire breaks out near the house in Laurel Canyon where Momoa and I are set to meet, so on my way there I’m rerouted because a trio of fire trucks is blocking the main road.

If the apocalypse is slated for this very day, as it very well may be, then it’s hard to think of anyone handier to have around than Jason Momoa. Onscreen, the hulking 6-foot-4 actor has been all kinds of hard-core warriors and superheroes, and in the upcoming sci-fi epic Dune, he helps secure a hostile planet for his master, Timothée Chalamet. Surely I can count on him to protect me from any natural disasters that might occur in the Hollywood Hills.

Yet it’s not entirely surprising when Momoa greets me in a pair of flowy pink-and-red-striped pants that he had custom-made from a set of French linens. Or when he tells me he recently started seeing a therapist and is exploring issues of male vulnerability. Momoa, you see, is many dudes in one. Part soulful surfer, part brawny he-man, part committed activist, and part class clown, he spent the quarantine painting and writing and teaching his 13-year-old daughter how to throw a tomahawk. Certainly he’s the only guy I’ve met who can build his own motorcycle and ride it to a film première dressed in head-to-toe pink. When I ask him why he’s so fond of pink scrunchies (today he’s wearing two — one in his hair and one on his wrist), he smiles and shrugs.

Pink is just a beautiful color,” he says. “And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks.

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I have updated the gallery with the screen captures from the trailer. Check them out:

– Movie Projects > Dune (2020) > Trailer Captures
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Our gallery has been updated with 2 stills of DUNE. Check them out:

– Movie Projects > Dune (2020) > Promotional Stills

Jason Momoa was photographed for GQ Australia in 2019 and I have added on the gallery the magazine scans and the complete photoshoot. Check them out:

– Magazine Scans > 2019 > GQ Australia
– Photoshoot > 2019 > Session 004
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Jason Momoa attended the premiere of “Joker” in Hollywood, CA. Our gallery has been updated with high quality pictures of him. Check them out:

– Public Appearances > 2019 > “Joker” Hollywood Premiere
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Our gallery has been updated with high quality pictures of Jason Momoa walking in New York on September 27, 2019. Check them out:

– Paparazzi > 2019 > Out in New York (September 27, 2019)
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Our gallery has been updated with high quality pictures of Jason Momoa at the Cocktail at Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 on July 04. Check them out:

– Public Appearances > 2019 > Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 – Cocktail
– Public Appearances > 2019 > Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 – Show
– Public Appearances > 2019 > Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 – Dinner
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Our gallery has been updated with high quality pictures of Jason at the 91st Annual Academy Awards. Check them out:

– Public Appearances > 2019 > 91st Annual Academy Awards – Red Carpet
– Public Appearances > 2019 > 91st Annual Academy Awards – Cerimony
– Public Appearances > 2019 > 91st Annual Academy Awards – Backstage

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Jason Momoa was interviewed by Chris Mandle and photographed by Peter Yang for Shortlist.

This interview got my attention because Jason talked about how difficult is for him to be typecast, as “just the barbarian”. Check the interview below:

Before he arrived in a Pantera vest that covered roughly 30% of his torso, Jason Momoa had two requests.

For lunch he would like meat on a stick (specifically: “various meats”). To wash it down: Guinness, and lots of it (though he changes his mind to “green juice” on the day). Later, he will concede to enjoying Guinness so much that he drinks it as often as he can. “I don’t get p*ssed from it. I drink it because it tastes good.” When I how-long-is-a-piece-of-a-string him about the amount of Guinness it would theoretically take to fell a Jason Momoa, he shrugs; it is impossible to tell how much of Ireland’s most famous export would be required to down this bull-sized, luscious-locked behemoth – best known for Game Of Thrones and, now, for playing Aquaman – because it has never happened. We may never know.

Momoa possesses an extreme, almost dangerous amount of vigour. He is ecstatic when he sees the log cabin we constructed for his ShortList cover shoot. He loves the garish and luxurious knitwear, even when he FaceTimes his wife, the actress Lisa Bonet, and she considers one of the jumpers “Bill Cosby-ish”. “Ha ha!” he bellows, as he thunders around the room, wearing his own stressed-looking pair of workboots because his feet are too wide to fit into any of our fancier, capital-F fashion shoes. He is cheery, despite finding out the photos he supplied for his China visa have been… diplomatically declined on account of his chunky jewellery, his shaggy hair filling too much of the frame, and his facial expression. His photo has been declared far too in-your-face, too Momoa-ish, for something as pragmatic as conditional authorisation to a foreign country, so he must take it again.

“I want people to see me be funny and romantic, not some big lug. I can make something beautiful”

“I don’t normally get to do ‘silly’ things,” he says later, reflecting on the shoot while biting down on a skewer of chicken. “I’m normally hired to play that guy – the barbarian, the brute. After Game Of Thrones, no one was thinking I’d be perfect for a rom-com.”

Between photographs, he amuses himself by swinging an axe around his muscular person with a playfulness normally reserved for a sparkler on bonfire night. At his home in California, Momoa collects knives, tomahawks, plus the occasional ‘hog-splitter’ – that’s a heavier blade designed for cleaving through large animal carcasses. He says he has more than 60. “You should definitely call before you come visit,” he says, “They’re huge. I could probably throw one, though.”

We meet in Vancouver at the tail-end of summer, as he is beginning work on a TV show called See for Apple. Being in Canada – with the fresh air, almost-autumnal leaves on the trees and roughly hewn rockfaces he is desperate to scale with his big arms – makes him think of life after this. After interviews, filming and negotiable visits to China. After acting.

More than anything, he wants to ride his motorcycle to Patagonia from Alaska, where he has a buddy. Momoa mentions many nameless buddies who must, I assume, all resemble him in stature and ruggedness – hulking masses of muscle and hair – and live in real cabins like the fake one we’ve built. He wants to take a journey lasting two, maybe three months, through gorgeous vistas, meeting interesting new people, spending a bit of time in his own head. But he can’t. Not yet; there is, unfortunately, acting to be done.

Including Aquaman. Momoa cameoed in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and then appeared in a more fleshed-out role in last year’s Justice League, and now it’s time for Arthur Curry to take centre stage in his own film. Despite the dollar-intensive nature of these gargantuan superhero movies, the DC universe has not enjoyed the critical adoration of other such films. Momoa knows he’s signed up to something all-consuming, though, and it doesn’t bother him that this kind of gig will push the bucket-list road trip back many years.

“People get this idea that I had a choice with regards to what I do,” he says. “Being an actor – for me, anyway – it’s slim pickings. At one time, I’d be 20th down the list for a part. I know I’m not first. But I’ve had a career, I’ve taken sh*t [roles], and I’ve made them good. Most actors can start being picky after a while. I haven’t been in that position.”

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Also our gallery has been updated with the photoshoot of Jason for Shortlist. Check them out:

– Photoshoot > 2018 > Session 004

Jason Momoa, alongside Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and James Wan visited the SiriusXM Studios yesterday. Check out the pictures on our gallery:

– Public Appearances > 2018 > SiriusXM’s Town Hall