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By Mily Nov 01, 2017 Jason Momoa Press 0 Comments

Jason Momoa talks to American Way. Check out the full interview:

It’s golden hour at Hastings Point, a picturesque surfers’ beach 70-odd miles south of Brisbane, and Jason Momoa is getting antsy.

The 38-year-old American actor has been preening for hours, and he’s not entirely at ease with the situation. “Sorry to ruin your moment,” he says to a nearby couple trying to have a romantic moment. “I don’t normally pet myself in front of a bunch of people.”

Momoa is on Australia’s east coast to film Aquaman, the $300 million fantasy flick, due out next year, in which he plays the lead opposite Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard. Until now, his most visible role has been the brutal warrior Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. His latest film projects, though, will potentially catapult him into a different category of fame, and he’s learning that this sort of success comes with a price.

The photographer prods him to loosen up—More smolder! Less frown! And despite her best efforts, Momoa will not be charmed into taking off his shirt. At one point, he mutters to nobody in particular, “I’m not a model, I’m an actor.”

There’s no denying that Momoa is an exceptionally striking man. His mix of Hawaiian, Irish, German and Native American ancestry has endowed him with an olive complexion and green eyes. He stands 6’5” and weighs just over 230 pounds, with tousled hair, a robust beard and musculature that makes Phidias’s Zeus at Olympia look a little scrawny. And if all that wasn’t manly enough, he arrived solo at today’s shoot on a large Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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By Mily Oct 31, 2017 Gallery Magazine Scans 0 Comments

Our gallery has been updated with high quality scans from November Issue of American Way. Check them out:

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Thanks to Jason Momoa Brasil for the scans.